A trade item that came from all three regions was?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: A trade item that came from all three regions was?
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What item was sent to other regions for trade?

Surplus goods with tradeable value which could return a profit after the land or sea transport expenses.

How can you trade an item from a DS to a DS?

You have to give the item you want to trade to a Pokemon, and then trade the Pokemon.

Where can you give a item to a friend in Pokemon pearl?

Attach the item to a Pokemon and trade it then get your friend to take the item off and trade the Pokemon back

How does trade increase the value of an item?

Trade increases the value of an item because it transers the item to someone who values it more. Hope that helps!

What item did the vikings load on their boats to trade?

i think the top three things the vikings traded were women, slaves and food!

Can you trade both a PSP and PS2 for a PS3 game console?

No trade in value is lower than the cost of the item you want to purchase. You can trade towards the item

How do you evolve hauntar?

you trade him with NO item!

Difference between trade discount and cash discount?

A trade discount occurs when an item is offered along with another item that is paid for. A cash discount is a reduction in the price of an item.

What was the second largest item of trade for the Incas?

textile was the second largest item of trade for the incas. they never cut it because it was valuable

What was the proccess of exchanging goods for items?

THE process was that you find some one with an item and you trade them your item for there item until an update that occurred that wont let you trade items more that to cost of the other which is now called a trade limit

Where is trade on Howrse?

trade black market items is at the shop page and next to sell an item and there should be a Extange item button click it and you will go to the page where you can trade items

Which are the rare items in Fantage?

Yes. Go the wizards domain and talk to the wizard. Play games to get Gems. When you have three gems you can trade them in for a random item.