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Paying less for crops raised by African Americans

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paying less for crops that african americans grown

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Q: A way that landowners took advantage of sharecroppers was by?
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Why were many African American farmers caught in a condition debt peonage?

They did not have enough money to pay for supplies from the company store.

Why were many African Americans farmers caught in a condition of debt peonage?

They did not have enough money to pay for supplies from the company store.

What two advantages did the south have in the civil war?

Home-ground advantage, and the stronger war-mission that went with it - to defend the homeland against the invader. Advantage in cavalry - most Southern boys were used to the riding and shooting way of life.

What took place in 1863 to swing the advantage to the side of the Union?

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What is sharecropping and how did it limit the opportunities of the African Americans?

Sharecropping is the practice of a large landowner to permit farmers and their families to live on a plot of land, loan them money, food, tools, seed, and other necessities, in exchange for a portion of the crops produced on the land. Sharecropping is not in itself a bad thing. It is still practiced in various forms throughout the world. Sharecropping was used to limit the rights and opportunities of African Americans by essentially tying them to the land. The sharecropper was nearly always in debt and therefore was obligated to continue to remain on the land to work off the debt. Sharecroppers did not own land or often anything except their clothing, so even if they worked off their debt they could little afford to leave. Sharecropping in the South usually meant that children either did not have schools or attended school only rarely when not working in the fields. This greatly limited opportunities for further generations. Because sharecroppers were nearly all uneducated, the landowners often took extreme advantage of them. The rates of interest on loaned money or goods would be terribly high (not unlike the practices of credit card companies and used car dealers today). Some landowners forced the sharecropper to sell the products of the land (cotton, tobacco, grain, etc.) only through them, and therefore made certain the sharecropper never got a fair price. The combination of these practices led to many social negatives. Blacks were constrained to nearly permanent serfdom. Some American sayings that relate to sharecropping: Fly by night - The practice of escaping one's debts by fleeing in the middle of the night. Move Southern style - Essentially the same as fly by night. Keep them in their place - An insulting phrase implying that Blacks or poor Whites ought to be kept 'in their place', that is, on the sharecropping farm where they could not advance. Sometimes 'comes a cropper' (meaning the arrival of misfortune) is associated with sharecropping, but that is not correct. That phrase derives from Scandinavian words for bump and bruise -- it meant a fall from a horse originally. It however fits with the situation that sharecroppers were in, battered by usury, abusive practices, the Klan, etc.

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A way the landowners took advantage of sharecropper was by?

Landowners took advantage of sharecroppers by charging high interest rates on loans needed to buy supplies, tools, or seeds for farming. This often left sharecroppers in a cycle of debt, forcing them to remain on the land in order to repay their debts.

What way that landowners took advantage of sharecroppers was by?

Landowners often exploited sharecroppers by charging high interest rates on loans for supplies and equipment, resulting in perpetual debt for the sharecroppers. Additionally, landowners would often manipulate the accounting of crop yields and prices, leading to sharecroppers receiving lower profits than they deserved.

How was A way that landowners took advantage of sharecroppers was by?

paying less for crops raised by african americans.

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Why was sharecropping legal?

Sharecropping was a legal practice after the Civil War because it provided a way for former slaves and poor whites to work the land without having to own it. Landowners would allow tenants to use their land in exchange for a percentage of the crops grown. This system perpetuated a cycle of debt and poverty for the sharecroppers.

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How did sharecroppers get land to farm?

Sharecroppers typically did not own the land they farmed. Instead, they would work on a landowner's property in exchange for a portion of the crops they produced. Sharecropping was a way for people, often former slaves or poor farmers, to gain access to land and earn a living, but the system often left them in a cycle of debt and poverty.

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