Aberham was the what?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Abraham was a presadint of ameirca

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Q: Aberham was the what?
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Was Aberham Lincohn black?


Who is Aberham?

Aberham is a judised messanger, who led the judist people out of egypt... Im still trying to figure out where they went after that... HEHE :D

Who is considered your smartest president?

Aberham Lincoln

Who delieverd the gettiburg address?

Aberham Lincoln

Who is the founder of judaisum?

Aberham is the founder of Judaisum

Who befriended Marco Polo?

aberham lincon

What was elected the next preksident?

aberham lincoln

Whos face is on the penny?

Aberham Lincon? No such person! Besides his face is on a cent which is not a penny. The face on a penny is that of Queen Elizabeth II.

Who introduce the baking in Asia?

aberham lincon the 4499949949949

What soda has the highest fizz content?

Aberham Lincoln

Which president singned the emancipation proclamation?

Aberham Lichon

What persons nickname is honest Abe?

aberham lincon