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actully the right anwser is reservation sorry but your not right thats not even and anwser

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A district is an area set aside for a specific purpose.

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Q: An area set aside for a specific purpose?
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Was originally set aside as Indian territory?

The original territory set aside for Native Americans was the present-day state of Oklahoma. Later, a smaller part of present-day Oklahoma was allocated for the Native Americans.

The state that was once mostly set aside for Native Americans is?

The Oklahoma Territory was chosen to house the Native Americans as a result of the Indian Intercourse Act of 1834. Congress set aside this land for the Native Americans.

Why was a section of land set aside to support public schools under the land ordinance?

A section of land was set aside to support public schools under the land ordinance of 1785 because, it reflected the belief of the nation's leaders that democracy depended on education. -Shanaynay77 16th section also known as the school section.

In the early 1800 how did congress respond to peoples concerns about the environment?

it set aside protected land

What is the term for land set aside by the US Government for Native Americans?

The term is reservations. These lands originally were set aside to virtually imprison the Indian and to once and for all, break their spirits. The lands the government set aside in the beginnings were unwanted, inhospitable places, usually totally foreign to the lands the Indians had known. For instance, Apaches who are mountain, desert Indians were shipped to Florida where it was flat and humid, causing the deaths of hundreds. Tribes were put together who had long been enemies such as the Crow and Cheyenne. Again, they hoped to have them exterminate each other.The term that is used for pieces of land set aside by the government as a home for an Indian tribe

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What money set aside by Congress for a specific purpose?

its an appropriation

Which term means to set aside?

The term "reserve" means to set aside for a specific purpose or for future use.

What is Money set aside by congress for a specific purpose?

i think its appropriation bill

What is a dedicated apartment?

A dedicated apartment is one set aside for a specific purpose. This might be a model apartment for showing potential customers.

Ths amount of the mutual insurer's owners equity that has not been set aside for any specific purpose or money reserves?

Surplus Reinsurance

What is a garden plot?

A plot is an area of land set aside for some purpose (building a house, growing vegetables, etc). A Garden Plot is therefore a piece of land set out as a flower garden.

What is the specific meaning of the phrase national park?

A National Park is a specific area of land that the Federal Government has set aside for the use and enjoyment of all citizens under the protection of the government.

What does tye mean when part of a place name?

"Tye" in a place name typically refers to a small piece of land that is enclosed or surrounded by other property. It can also refer to a small parcel of land that is set aside for a specific purpose within a larger area.

What is a bathtime?

A bathtime is a specific time set aside for a person to bathe.

What was a common area?

A common area is an area that is not exclusively set aside for any group in particular.

What type of committee is set up for a specific purpose?

select committee The select committee are usually set up or created for a specific purpose.

Where did the UK send many of its criminals in the 1800s?

The continent of Australia was set aside for this purpose.