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Q: Are africans often more loyal to their tribe than nation?
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What is the Cush tribe?

black africans

Are africans royal to there tribe?


Who settled Cameroon?

africans that were part of a tribe

What do people from the washoe tribe look like?

Crazy Africans with spears

What Bantu speaking tribe did the British fight in the nineteenth century?

South Africans

Was the Sioux called a nation or tribe?

The Souix were a major American native tribe.

What do Africas speak?

Africans dont have a specific language because its a continent not a country .Therefore, if you speak the language of your tribe. For an example, if your from Ghana , then you have a specific tribe and you speak the language of that tribe.

What tribe was the Israelites at war with?

Judah. The full 12 tribe nation of Israel spilt after the death of Solomon. The northern nation was still called Israel and was 10 tribes. The southern nation was predominantly the tribe of Judah, and they would occasionally war against each other.

The relevance of law to the Igbo nation?

The Igbos are a tribe primarily in Nigeria, not a nation themselves.

What does iwi mean to Maori?

Extended kinship group, tribe, nation, people, race - often refers to a large group of people descended from a common ancestor.

In what state is the Osage Nation tribe primarily located within?

The Osage Nation tribe is mostly located inside of Oklahoma. They are actually the only tribe today that has a federally recognized reservation within the Oklahoma state.

Yhe maori word for nation or tribe?