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Q: Are any stories that Momaday tells from the Kiowa oral traditions similar to important stories in your culture?
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Are Native Americans a culture or civilization?

Both! They been on the North American and South American Continents for Thousands of years before the Portuguese and Spanish Came here Thousands of years before the Whites came. each has their culture, Some similar and each unique. and many still carry their traditions even today. in the north America there are Bands of the Pacific North west and Southern and Eastern tribes All have the Drum in common.

Were all Native American tribes the same or did they have different beliefs and traditions?

All Native American tribes were not the same when the Europeans first came to America, nor are they the same today. The Native American tribes each had their own beliefs and traditions that often varied depending on the region of the country they lived in. For example, many Native American tribes who lived in the Southwestern part of what is now the United States lived in Pueblos (large buildings made out of sod), while tribes in other areas lived in tepees. Even among tribes that lived relatively close to each other there were many variations. Many tribes had their own languages, and so they could not understand the speech of other tribes, making it very hard for them to have the same traditions. Different tribes each had their own traditions, and while some of them might be quite similar with other tribe's traditions, they were certainly not all the same.

How are native Americans culture and African culture before European contact the same?

Both cultures focus strongly on the tribe, as opposed to large organized civilization. The tribe is seen as the extended family, and both cultures have a similar hierarchy and chain of command. The division of labor and structure of the tribe is also very similar. Both cultures have similar religious practices. They both worshiped nature, and believed in multiple gods. Many of the gods, worshiped in native American cultures, stem from the animals they hunted or they saw as having powerful traits. African religions tend to have gods that are in human form.

What is the value of a 1905 liberty Head gold coin worth?

Please post a new question with more details. There are 4 different denominations that use the same or similar designs so the date is important. Also look on the back to see if there is a small O or S, that's the mint mark and is also important.

How is a mission similar to a colony?

It is similar because a mission can be told too.

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How are American Indian celebrations and traditions similar to those of your culture?

It depends on your culture.And i suck at this

What type of culture does brazil have?

Brazil has a national culture. This means that the citizens throughout the country share a common belief system which includes similar values and traditions.

Are the values and tradistion of Japanese similar for Filipino values and tradistion yes or no in what way?

No, Japanese and Filipino values and traditions are not similar overall. Japanese culture values harmony, modesty, and respect for elders, while Filipino culture emphasizes close family ties, hospitality, and resilience. Each culture has its own unique history, beliefs, and customs that shape their values and traditions.

What is the difference between culture and societies?

people living together is society. the culture helps us in maintain traditions and conventions to enhance social relations.

What is a sentence for culture region and culture diversity?

A culture region is a geographic area where people share a similar way of life, traditions, and beliefs. Culture diversity refers to the variety of different cultures, languages, and customs within a society or community.

How are your traditions and values similar and or from them?

Everyone will have different senses of values and traditions.

Tradition in filipino similar in other country?

Traditions in the Philippines are similar to other countries in aspects such as celebrating holidays, weddings, and religious ceremonies. However, the specific customs, rituals, and meanings behind traditions can vary widely depending on the country and culture. While there may be similarities in some traditions, each country often has its unique set of customs that make them distinct.

How does filipina dating compare as to other dating demographics?

Filipino dating is similar to the other demographics in the United States. Filipinos have become more accustomed to the American traditions and culture.

What are the common traits that unify a culture region?

Common language, shared beliefs and values, similar traditions and customs, and a shared history are some of the common traits that unify a culture region. These elements help create a sense of identity and belonging among the people within that culture region.

What are the traditions and values african people?

Africa is made of many different cultures and ethnicities. Some of them are similar in very small ways, but otherwise, there is no one ultimate culture or set of values.

How are your traditions and values similar and different from them?

Our traditions are similar in that they often reflect our core values and beliefs, helping to shape our identity and strengthen bonds within the community. However, they can be different in the specific practices or customs that are followed based on region, culture, or personal interpretations of those values. It's this blending of tradition and individuality that keeps our customs dynamic and meaningful.

Are the values or traditions of the Japanese similar to filipino values and traditions?

While there may be some cultural similarities between Japanese and Filipino values and traditions, there are also significant differences due to their unique histories and influences. Both cultures place importance on respect for elders, honor, and community, but Japanese culture tends to emphasize formality and adherence to societal norms, while Filipino culture is known for its warmth, hospitality, and strong family ties.