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quick military action to show the folly of secession.

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Q: At the beginning of the Civil War President Abraham Lincoln favored?
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Minimal reconstruction was favored by?

President Abraham Lincoln

Which statement is truePresident Lincoln wanted to free all slaves at the beginning of the war?

President Lincoln favored saving the Union over freeing the slaves.

A minimal Reconstruction policy was favored by?

A minimal Reconstruction policy was favored by Abraham Lincoln. He was in favor of a quick restoration of the South into good graces. However, his vice-president did not have the same idea.

Is it true that In the Lincoln Douglas debates of 1858 Abraham Lincoln favored popular sovereignty?


Was Frederick Douglass opposed to the Mexican American War?

No he was an expansionist who favored the war.

Abraham Lincoln favored WHAT amendment freeing slaves?

The 13th Amendment, which he signed while in office.

Which plan of the radical did president Abraham Lincoln support?

The one that provided for basic needs of the war refugees.

What was one of most favored actors of US President Abraham Lincoln?

During 1863, President Lincoln attended a play called the Marble Heart. John Wilkes Booth starred in this play. Lincoln was so impressed by Wilke's performance that he invited him for dinner at the White House. Wilkes declined the offer. This part of Lincoln's life is so ironic.

Which of these is an incorrect match about Abraham Lincoln Andrew Johnson Zachary Taylor Franklin Pierce?

Zachary Taylor 12th of USA served from 1849-1850 he brought an American victory in the Mexican-American war. Franklin Pierce 14th President of USA from 1853-1857 he made many unpopular decisions, he was not a favored president. Abraham Lincoln 16th President of USA he served from 1861 till he was assassinated in 1865, he led the US through the Civil War. Andrew Johnson 17th President of USA served from 1865-1869, heâ??s not a viewed as a popular president due his views on African Americans.

What key politic decisions made by Abraham Lincoln help change the nature of the war in the unions favored?

Making Grant the commander of the army.

Who did not run against Abraham Lincoln for president in 1860?

The best i way can utilize my knowledge to answer this is to let you know who he ran up against. As he entered the 1860 presidential election, Lincoln was not favored to win the Republican Presidential nomination, because of the South's dislike of him and his views on slavery. He was finally chosen his party's nominee with Hannibal Hamlin as his running mate. Abraham Lincoln was elected the 16th President on November 6, 1860, defeating Douglas, John Bell, and John C. Breckinridge. Hope this helps... John McCain I believe.

What was Abraham Lincoln's view on slavery in Washington DC?

Before becoming the US president Lincoln's position on slavery in Washington DC was similar to that of Henry Clay. As a matter of principle he favored emancipation in the capitol. On the matter of constitutional interpretation, he believed that the Federal government had the power to end slavery in Washington DC. With that said, Lincoln, as a matter of prudence argued that it was too risky to attempt, and unlikely to succeed.