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Q: At the time of the spanish conquest what were the economies of most native Americans?
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How did the Spanish's conquest affect native Americans and African's?


How did the Spanish conquest affect native Americans of Latin Americans?

Unknown. please help

Was The Requerimiento used by Spanish explorers to justify their conquest of the Native Americans?


What did the Spanish do to captured Native Americans?

Sometimes the Spanish made captured native Americans into slaves

What are the primary aspects of the conquest of the West?

Cooperation with Native Americans

Did laws of conquest encourage settlers to have mixed marriages with native Americans and europeans?


What is the name of the Spanish conquest-or who concered Inca empire?

The Spanish Conquest of the Inca Empire was the 1532 Battles of Cajamarca, under Francisco Pizarro and their native allies.

How did the clergy affect the native Americans?

it forced native Americans to adopt Spanish ways as well as beliefs the priests also made it possible for some blending of the native Americans and Spanish cultures.

Which of native peoples dominated central Mexico until the Spanish conquest?


How did spanish conquistadors treat the native americans they encountered?

The Spanish Conquistadors conquered the Native Americans because they wanted their gold.

What cooperation did the Native Americans have with Spanish explores?

The Native Americans helped the Spanish Explorers but sometimes they slaved the Spanish EXAMPLE: Cabeza De Vaca (A SPANISH EXPLORER) was captured by the Karankawa tribe but helped and fed by other Native American tribes.

What was like life for native Americans under Spanish rule?

The life for the Native Americans under the Spanish rule was that the Native Americans were forced to drop their culture and join the Christianity the Spanish had, but if they had refused they would either be held as slaves or they would die.