Benefits from grand coulee dam

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It provided as much as 6,809 megawatts, Gave jobs to seven thousand men all over the Pacific northwest and was created as a Depression releif, and as a flood control.

Enough Water flows through the dam, each year, to provide New York City's drinking water for 100 years.

The Grand Coulee Dam is part of the Columbia River Hydro System that harnesses the 'Power' of the Columbia River.

Also, the Grand Coulee dam is the largest concrete structure ever built.

It could be used to create hydro-electric power.

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Q: Benefits from grand coulee dam
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When was the grand coulee dam finished?

Grand coulee dam was finished on June 1, 1942.

How deep is the grand coulee dam?

The Grand Coulee dam is 168 m (550 ft) high.

Why did we need the grand coulee dam?

The Grand Coulee Dam was built to provide hydroelectric power and irrigation water.

What is the largest dam in Washington?

The Grand Coulee Dam.

What state is coulee dam in?

The Grand Coulee Dam is located on the Columbia River in the U.S. state of Washington.

What is the top tourist attraction in Grand coulee Washington?

Probally the Grand Coulee Dam... but I not sure.

What is the capitol of where the grand coulee dam located?

Grand Coulee Dam is located in the North Western United States of America. Eastern side of the State of Washington. The Capital of the State of Washington is Olympia, located south of Tacoma and Seattle. The dam is located in northern Grant County. Grant County seat is south of the Dam, located in Ephrata, Washington. Surrounding towns close to Grand Coulee Dam are: Grand Coulee Coulee Dam Electric City Elmer City Wilbur Coulee City Nespelem

When was grand coulee dam completed?


How much was the grand coulee dam?

This much.

What towns would grand coulee dam flood if breaks?

Coulee Dam, Elmer City, Nespelum, etc.

Can people swim in grand coulee dam?

...No because it is werey dangerous to swim, i n the gran coulee dam

What is the name of the large dam in central Washington?

Grand Coulee Dam