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Its known as the battle of saratoga when the two armies,Britain and americain,crashed in late September and early october

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Q: Britain attempts to take control of Lake Champlain and the Hudson River?
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Did Britain attempts to take over control of lake Champlain and Hudson river?

Battle of saratoga

What canal was named after sammuel de Champlain?

The Champlain Canal is in northern NY State and connects the south end of Lake Champlain to the Hudson River.

Did Henry Hudson shoot Samuel de Champlain?

No Henry Hudson did not shoot Samuel De Champlain Samuel de Champlain was born in 1567 and died in 1635 while Henry Hudson was born in 1570 and died in 1611. And Both of them Did not meet and Henry Hudson reason of death was got abanded by crew and put on small boat to starve to death .

Where did Henry Hudson and Samuel de Champlain come from?

He was from England

Lake Champlain feeds what southern flowing river?

The Hudson River

Which man was NOT an explorer of the new world cartier dagama Hudson cortez or Champlain?

Cartier, Hudson, Cortes, and Champlain were all explorers of the New World. Dagama discovered India when he sailed around Africa.

When did Henry Hudson explore the st Lawrence river?

Henry Hudson did not explore the st. Lawrence river. Samuel De Champlain did!

Who claimed New York area for dutch?

Samuel de Champlain

How Jacques cartier similar to Henry Hudson and Samuel de Champlain?

they both are from france

What treaty gave Britain control of Newfoundland Acadia and Hudson Bay territory in Canada?

The Treaty of Paris (1763)

What year did Idaho come under British control?

The Hudson's Bay Company, which was British-owned, ran the trading in Idaho in the 1820s...but Britain never had political control of Idaho.

What are some European explorers that discovered the state of Maine?

Henry Hudson, and, Samuel de Champlain