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Billy The Kid

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Billy the Kid

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Q: By what name was Henry McCarty better known?
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What is Billy the kid real name?

Henry McCarty.Aliases: Billy the Kid; Henry Antrim; and William H. BonneyBilly the kid had two names William h booney and Henry mccarty___________In most historical records, Billy the Kid had numerous aliases. It is believed by most scholars that his birth name was probably William Henry McCarty although no definitive records exist.

What is the birth name of Steve McCarty?

Steve McCarty's birth name is Steven McCarty.

What is the birth name of Dave McCarty?

Dave McCarty's birth name is David Andrew McCarty.

What is Emmett Cullen's middle name?

His full name is Emmett Dale McCarty Cullen

What was Emmett's real name when he was human?

Emmett's real name when he was human was Emmett McCarty.

Emmett Cullens Middle name?

His whole name is Emmett Dale McCarty-Cullen.

What was billy the kids last name?

Henry McCarty. He also had an alias of Henry Antrim and William H. Bonney

Is Emmett's full name in twilight Emmett dale mccarty Cullen?

Emmett's full name in Twilight is Emmett Cullen, not Emmett Dale McCarty.

Where does the name McCarty originate from?


Who became a Protestant over a divorce include his family name?

== == Well, there might be a number of answers to that question but you are probably thinking of Henry Tudor, better known as King Henry VIII.

What is Henry's brother's name?

Horrid Henry's brother is known as Perfect Peter.

What is the h for in William h bonney?

Billy the Kid's real name was Henry McCarty. He also used the names William Antrim and William H. Bonney. The 'H' could be for Henry, or it could just be as made-up as the rest of his names.