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all of them

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Q: Coming together in villages made possible for early people?
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What enabled early people to settle in villages?

coming together in villages made what possible for early people? Answer: Specialization.

What solution did people in the zargos foothills find to fix the problem of food shortages?

joining villages together

The earliest villages were made up of about how many people?

Actually the earliest villages usually had anywhere from 150 to 200 villagers. They built there houses close together to protect from wind and competing villages from attacking. 150 to 200 A+ students

What made the voyage of discovery possible?

people coming

What made people in early come together in villages?

All of the answers are correct IVLA/A+

Does the word congress mean sex?

Answer"Congress" fundamentally means a "coming together." Thus, a congress is a meeting or convention of people coming together. Our Congress is a legislature, or people coming together to make laws. The word "congress" can also be used as a euphemism for sex, by extension.hey



What do you call people living in villages?

Villagers are people who live in villages.

How do people waste water in villages.?

How is water wasted in villages.

How was the colony created?

by people coming together trying to build a community

What does concregate mean?

to cometogether, or a large body of people coming together

Do coming together and union mean the same thing?

Close. Coming together implies that two things or people get close to each other, but union means that they blend together into one thing.