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There are two types of economic system that follows the command economy;

Communism: Government owns and operates all sources of productions, such as labor, capital, entrepreneurs, natural resource and information system. Ex: North Korea.

Socialism: Government owns and operates only selected major industries. Such as China, and some Asian countries.

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Command economies often have a socialist type of government. In this type of government they have complete control over the economy but they goal is to make everyone happy.

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socialism and communism

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Q: Command economies often have what type of governments?
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What type of countries are command economies found?

It is often found in democratic countries.

What countries are under command economies?

China, South Korea, Cuba, and Russia are countries that are under command economies. This type of economy is common in a communistic country.

What type of economy does all of Asia have?

command economies in Vietnam cambodia and laos, market economie on the Philippines, and mixed economies in Singapore and Indonesia

What are the type of economics?

There are command economies, which you would find in a dictatorship or true monarchy, free economies, which you would find in Democracies or Republics, there is the mixed economy, Which is what we have, and finally there is the traditional economy which describes tribal and agricultural economies.

What does market economy and command economy have in common?

Its aim to produce all goods and services that are demanded by the citizen (and often beneficial to them) using the least amount of resources (efficient.)

What are the 2 ideal type of economy?

two ideal type political economies

In which type of governments does a local governments exist only to assist the central governments?

unitary government

What are the economies of all cultures based on?

Economies of most, but not all, cultures are based on some type of currency (money). Economies could also be based on barter, gold, etc.

What type of governments do the countries of central America have?

Some are democratic governments

What type of governments?


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Yes, a command is a type of sentence that gives an instruction, direction, or request. It typically begins with a verb and is often used to communicate a direct action or order.

What type of government uses command economy?