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In the history of the United States, there has never been a constitutional monarchy unless you include the colonial period. The United States is a republic.

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Q: Constitutional monarchy in the past.
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What type of government did the original thirteen colonies have?

Type your answer here... The 13 colonies had a ruler \/government

1750s british colonies on north American mainland characterized?

Disdain for British constitutional monarchy.

Is a Constitutional Monarchy a good type of government?

Answer 1:Well, I guess it all depends on who the monarch is. Was king David in the Bible a good king. Sure! Did he mess up? Of course! A bigger question...... was Jesus a good king? The people in Israel didn't want to accept God as the one and only true king, so they said they wanted a real and true king, one they could see and actually believe in. So God gave them what they wanted. I believe monarchy can be good if it was a person who would accept God and ask God for help. There are some pluses and minuses in monarchy. But, that is for you to figure out.Answer 2:A monarchy isseparatefromgovernment- they connote different things unless it is 'Absolute Monarchy' whereby the monarch takes ruling over the state and the government.

What Type of government the Axis countries had and what type of government the allied countries had?

Axis powers consisted of Germany and Italy, who had Facist goverments and Japan, who had a Monarchy with the military in charge of day to day operations. The Allies had the United States, a Federal Republic, the United Kingdom, a Constitutional Monarchy and the Soviet Union, a Communist dictatorship. Some include France (a Republic) as part of the Allies but given they were knocked out of the war in 1940, they really don't count.

Constitutional amendments are proposed by congress or by a state legislature?

Constitutional amendments are proposed by the Congress.

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What countries had both monarchy and republic?

Well it depends on the time period. England is a constitutional monarchy, so is Spain and the Netherlands. Japan is an imperialistic constitutional monarchy. These are only a few of the long list of constitutional monarchies in the world today and in the past.

What are the similarities absolute monarchy and constitutional monarchy?

The similarities between a monarchy and constitutional monarchy are that their are both monarchies.

Japans government is an example of a?

constitutional monarchy

What type of government does Tokyo have?

Constitutional Monarchy

How could I use constituional monarchy in a sentence?

There's never a good constitutional monarchy around when you need one. Sweden is a constitutional monarchy.

What type of government does Sweden have?

Constitutional monarchy and Parliamentary democracy.Constitutional monarchy

Does North Korea have a constitutional monarchy?

No. North Korea does not have a Constitutional Monarchy.

What type of monarchy did England have during the Glourious Revolution?

the government invented was Constitutional Monarchy

Which monarchy is England?

A constitutional monarchy.

Is constitutional monarchy a type of government?

England has a constitutional monarchy. It is well governed.

Is Morocco's government constitutional monarchy?

yes. morocco's government is constitutional monarchy.

When was Australians for Constitutional Monarchy created?

Australians for Constitutional Monarchy was created in 1992-06.