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yes, because that was the era when women were becoming more independent/

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Q: Could single women in us own property in 1920?
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When did women gain the right to inherit property?

Mexican women fell under the Spanish Community Property Law--Spanish women could legally own separate property, and write legally-binding wills for that property, from the time they first settled in the Americas in the 1500's.

Could women dance before the 1920?

of course

What US states allowed women to vote before 1920?

The state of New Jersey gave women the vote in 1776. Property ownership was a requirement, so only single women could vote. Unfortunately, suffrage was rescinded in 1807, making white, male property owners the only eligible voters in the state.

After which year could American women participate in choosing the president?

after 1920

Before 1920 women in America could not?

Vote for president APEX

Could women vote during the civil war?

NO. American women did not get the vote until the 1920's.

When could women vote?

In 1920 in the US the passage of the 19th amendment was passed giving women the right to vote.

Could women vote in 1930s?

August 26, 1920 is exactly when the Nineteenth Amendment was accepted and women could finally vote in fall elections.

Before 1920 what did women in America could not do?

Vote for the president

How did men live lives differently to women in the 1920's?

Men got to work and get paid full wages and they got to own the property and money that went to the women or both. Men had a better life then women did just think if you could boss someone around like a maid that must have been cool,"NOT".

In The 1920 election was the first general election where who could vote?

I'm not sure if this is what you were asking for but the election of 1920 was the first time women could vote in a federal election nation-wide.

Could women vote in the southern colonies?

No. Women didn’t have the right to vote until 1920. This was well past the colonial period.