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no because back then middle names were not proper

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Q: Did Abraham Lincoln's father have a middle name?
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What was the name of Abraham Lincolns father?

Thomas Lincoln

What is Abraham Lincolns full name?

Abraham Lincoln did not have a middle name-- Abraham Lincoln was his full name.

What is president Lincolns' hole name?

His full name is Abraham Lincoln. He did not have a middle name.

What was Abraham Lincolns Doctors name?

Abraham's doctor's name was the same as his name Abraham

Abraham lincolns mothers name?


What was the name of Abraham lincolns child?


How do you spell abrham Lincolns name?

Abraham Lincoln

What is Abe Lincolns middle name?

He had no middle name .

What was the last name of Lincolns successor?

president abraham last name was linocln

Who is Abraham Lincolns Wife?

his wife's name is Mary Todd Lincoln.

Who was the name of Abraham lincolns child who died before him?

Willie Lincoln

Who did Abraham lincolns dad remarry?

Her name was Sarah Bush Johnston.