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Only 7. Lincoln vetoed or pocket vetoed only seven bills during his presidency.

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yes 21 in fact

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he vetoed the bank.

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Q: Did Abraham Lincoln ever veto any bills?
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How did Lincoln block this bill?

Abraham Lincoln block bills in several ways. He vetoed a few of them, but he failed to sign several of them effecting a pocket veto. He also appealed to the public to support his actions.

Can the Representatives veto bills?

No Representatives can not veto bills.

Who has the rights to veto legislation?

The President can veto Federal bills. The Governor of a state can veto state bills from that state.

Can the president approve or veto federal bills?


How did Lincoln's plan for reconstruction differ from the wade Davis bill?

President Abraham Lincoln's plan did not guarantee African American equality. The Wade-Davis Bill passed by the Radical Republicans demanded guarantees of African American equality. Lincoln killed this bill with a "pocket veto."

How do you veto bills?

Only the President has the power to veto federal bills. He vetoes a bill by sending it back to Congress with his objections.

Which president has the most verto over turned?

Andrew Johnson, 17th President (Abraham Lincoln's Vice Presideny) Congress over turned 15 of his veto's

What is the veto power of the president of the Philippines?

The veto power of the president of the Philippines is the ability to reject bills passed by Congress. The president can also veto specific items in appropriation, revenue, or tariff bills.

How can a president rescind parts of bills that have already passed?

Line-item veto

How many bills did eisenhower veto?


Can the president veto a bills from congress?


Who vetos bills?

The president has the power to veto bills.