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Yes but each with different tribes of the Native Americans.

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Britain got along better with the natives

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Q: Did Britain or France have a stronger relationship with the Native Americans?
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What was the relationship between the English and the native Americans in the war between Britain and France?

The relation is that the the native Americans ofered the british land but the british said no because they wanted to play monopaly

What were three things that influenced americans' feelings about the war?

they sympathized with Great Britain and France

When did France ally with the Americans against Great Britain?


Who was Great Britain fighting at the same time?

France and Americans

The French and Indian war was fought to decide which of two countries would become the stronger power in North America what were the two countries?

Britain & France

How did the Treaty of Versailles affect the relationship between Britain and France?

France and Britain's relationship was strengthened due to the Treaty of Versailles. It was strengthened due to the fact that they connected on the level of what they wanted from the treaty and partially achieving the goal.

Why did new France need the first nations?

because they needed support as Britain was much stronger.

How did Great Britain's victory over France affect Native Americans?


In what way did both Britain and France disregard American neutrality?

they ignored the Americans

Which nation became Americans ally against Great Britain in 1778?


What way did both Britain and France disregarded American neutrality?

they ignored the Americans

Which European nation treated Native Americans the best?

the country with the best relationship with native Americans was?