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They didn't rule the world, but they colonized most countries in the world.

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2012-05-02 03:47:11
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Q: Did Great Britain rule the world?
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What were Great Britain's political goals?

In the 19th century? To rule the world. Which it very nearly did.

Why did the people leave Great Britain?

There is not one single reason why people left Great Britain. Some left looking to find their fortune in a new world, while others left looking for freedom from the rule of Great Britain.

Why did Australia have strong links with Great Britain for a long time?

Because of the (British Empire). Britain used to rule Australia along with more of the world than anyother country,hence why theres such strong ties to Great Britain all over the world.

Does Great Britain rule Northern Ireland?


Did Great Britain rule the colonists in the 1700'S?

=Great Britain almost entirely ruled the colonies in the 1700s.=

What country did Neville chamberlain rule over?

Great Britain

Did Great Britain refer to the union of Britain and england?

Other way round- Great Britain refers to the Unions between England and Wales, and England and Scotland. Although Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom, it is not included in Great Britain. The term 'Great' was coined when Britain began to develop an Empire and to colonise and rule large parts of the rest of the world.

What did Great Britain receive as a result of their fight against France?

Great Britain received almost total world domination, after Napoleon wars they were the same as US is today...One quarter of the globe was under their rule...

Did Great Britain rule Virginia after World War 2?

No. Virginia, along with twelve other colonies, permanently broke away from Britain in the 1770s-1780s, about 170 years before World War started.

Did Queen Victoria rule Italy the Netherlands or greatbrittin?

Great Britain

Did any other country rule India?

Yes great Britain did

What country did Queen Victoria rule for 60 years?

Great Britain

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