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Yes. He helped Martin Luther King Jr. in the march.

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Q: Did Professional baseball player Jackie Robinson march with Dr. Martin Luther King?
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Was Jackie Robinson a friend of martin Luther king jr?


Did Jackie Robinson meet martin Luther king jr?


Does anybody give me a detail about Black history?

martin Luther king jr martin Luther king jr Jackie Robinson - first African American baseball player harriet Tubman BLACK MAN!

Who are some people who worked to end racism?

Jackie Robinson MArtin Luther King jr.

How did Jackie Robinson overcome prejudices in his life?

He was the was the first black baseball player so black people can play. However, Martin Luther King stoped the rest of segregation.

What are similarities between DrMartin Luther King and Jackie Robinson?

They both were broke the color barrier and were both black.

Who are people from black history month?

Harriet Tubman Jackie Robinson martin Luther king Jr Rosa parks Washington carver

How did minorities get into baseball?

Ha, I laugh that you would even ask that but okay. Jackie Robinson got signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers and then played extremely well. Also, there were some other factors later such as Martin Luther King Jr.

How is Jackie Robinson compared to Martin Luther King Jr?

They both had a dream, they both wanted succesion for their dreams. They needed to succeed in what they believed was right.

How tall is Luther Robinson?

NFL player Luther Robinson is 6'-03''.

What makes Jackie Robinson an icon for others or famous?

Jakie Robinson was the first African American that played baseballAnswerJackie Robinson was the first African American to play in baseball major leagues. He broke the color barrier between blacks and whites in sports. He also helped Martin Luther King Jr. in the march and was recognized. When he refuse to sit on the back of a bus in about 1948 he was put on trial and consequently didn't get deployed and was put on trial. For this, he had an honorable discharge.

What did Jackie Robinson play?

After leaving baseball in 1956, Robinson became an executive in the Chock full o'Nuts eatery franchise. He also became involved in politics and served as an adviser to New York's Republican governor, Nelson A. Rockefeller. He also became involved in the civil rights movement, working with the N.A.A.C.P. and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He lent his support to black enterprise projects and was a founder of the Freedom National Bank in Harlem. In addition, he wrote books and contributed regular newspaper columns to The New York Post and The Amsterdam News.