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The Adena came first then the Hopewell came after.

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Q: Did the Adena Indians or the Hopewell Indians arrive in Ohio first?
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What is the first group of Indians to build mounds probably for special ceremonies?

The Mound Builders who were Adena and Hopewell and Mississippian.

How are the Hopewell and Adena civilizations different?

Adena were there first (800 B.C. - 200 A.D.). The Hopewell culture came later but overlapped with the Adena (200 B.C. - 400/500 A.D.). Most theories hold that the two intermixed peacefully, and the Hopewell culture was an elaboration and extension of the Adena mound-building culture. Thus the Hopewell art, burial ceremonies, etc were more flamboyant than that of the earlier and more primitive Adena.

Who were Ohio first known inhabitants?

Paleo-Indians were the first followed by the Adena and Hopewell cultures.

Where are the adena people now?

The Adena Indians, also called the Woodland Indians, were the first of three mound building cultures (the other ones were the Hopewell and Mississippian Indians). The Adena Indians lived around 2,000 to 2,500 years ago. The Hopewell flourished for about 500 years, around 300 BC. Last but certaintly not least, the Mississippians lived from around 800 to 1500 AD.

Who lived in Ohio first Hopewell Fort Ancient Shawnee or The Mound Builders?

The Mound Builders is a general term that covers several sequential cultures that built mounds. First were the Red Ochre and Glacier Kame peoples, who lived in Ohio as long ago as 8000-5000 B.C. I believe. The Adena culture was also a mound-building people, from about 800 B.C. to perhaps 100 A.D. The Hopewell people intermingled peacefully with the Adena, and continued (and elaborated upon) their moundbuilding ways; Hopewell was from 100 B.C. to about 400-500 A.D. Then, the Fort Ancient people, from around 900 A.D. up until about 1500 A.D., but their earthworks were ceremonial rather than for burials. The Shawnee are generally believed to be the descendents of the Fort Ancient, and there is some decent DNA evidence (google for Lisa Mill's dissertation at Ohio State, for example) that the Adena are descendents of the Glacier Kame and Red Ochre peoples, and the Hopewell of the Adena.

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What are some great accomplishments of the Hopewell tribe?

The accomplishment that the Hopewell Indians were most known for was their massive burial mounds. They were also among the first fully committed agriculturalists, and they had established trade routes to the Gulf of Mexico, Rocky Mountains, and Atlantic Ocean.

Who were the first settlers in Jamaica?

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One of the first group of mound builders was the?

Adena Culture

Did the Adena live in Ohio first?

2500 years ago?

One of the first groups of mounds builders was the?

Adena Culture

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