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Yes in some cases. Massachusetts was founded primarily for religious reasons as was Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. Other colonies such as Virginia were founded as commercial enterprises. Georgia was a penal colony.

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It wasn't Plymouth... It's New England colonies.. I got this question from my test!!

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Q: Did the Settlers found the colonies to gain religious freedom?
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Why did puritans found their colonies?

for religious and political freedom

What was the goal of the first settlers in New England?

The earliest settlements in New England and throughout the American colonies were motivated principally by the desire for religious freedom. Different denominations of different sizes from different origins arrived, yet the majority were seeking to leave behind persecution and found communities wherein they could practice their beliefs freely.

What religious groups settled in the southern colonies?

the quakers and the puritans moved from Canada to the southern colonies in 1907-1909. The move was called the far east movement. Many settlers who found they did not like the New England religious beliefs moved southward to escape their practices.

What was the most religiously diverse colonies prior to the Great Awakening were found in?

The most religiously diverse colonies prior to the Great Awakening were found in Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. Pennsylvania was known for its Quaker population and religious tolerance, while Rhode Island was founded on principles of religious freedom and attracted various religious groups seeking refuge.

How was most of the new England colonies were founded for religious reasons?

jamestown helped new england found the religious colonies.

Why where the 13 colonies found?

To escape from religious prosucution

Why did john smith found Massachusetts?

For religious freedom

Was the new york colony found for religious freedom?

yes the colony wanted religious freedom and better trade. Massachusetts is also another answer.

Are there more colonies found for economic or religious reasons?


When did William Penn found PA a place of religious freedom?


Who left England for the Pennsylvania in the New World in search of religious freedom?

Englishman William Penn found Pennsylvania to provide a place for freedom from religious persecution.

What colonies founded for religious reasons?

Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania are the colonies that were found for religious reasons. It was also in Plymouth, Virginia.