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Q: Did the bloods and crips join together to make one gang?
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What does a crip say to a blood?

In general, both bloods and crips are "gangsters" or "gang members". If you mean an individual person, who is both, they're generally called "opportunists". They will join whatever gang is popular at the time.

Are the Bloods And Crips against each other?

Yes,but not all bloods are against all crips.Sometimes some crip gangs join forces with some blood gangs to fight other crips (or bloods or any other gang) You can find out more about this here: another place you can find some information is at

Can a white person be in the blood gang?

Most bloods and crips don't discriminate. The different sets (groups of gangsters) have different rules. It is not recommended to join a gang, due to potential health risks.

How do you leave the bloods gang?

in a casket..when u join a gang like Crips bloods or latin kings u cant get out yep in a box floden down the river with 9 bullet holes in you

Is Lil Wayne a crip or a blood?

He claims to be Blood, but according to "real Bloods" from the ghettos of California, they say Lil Wayne is a "fake Blood" because he has been seen wearing blue, which is the color of the Crips, Bloods and Crips don't get along so they don't wear each other's colors. Wayne's bandanna was hanging from the wrong side of his back pocket according to the Bloods.

Why would someone join a gang?

They join MS 13 for the same reasons they join any other gang like the Bloods, Crips etc...because they're looking to fit in or a sense of beloning, or because their family and or friends are in the gang....

Can a Mexican join the crips?

Yes, a Mexican(as well as any other Hispanic race), can join the Crips gang. In fact there are several Crip sets created by Hispanics, so that goes to show there is no race barrier as to who can and can not join the Crips gang.The Latin Mafia Familiy Crips aka the Latin Mafia Familia Crips is a Hispanic Crip gang & one of the largest Hispanic Crip sets in the Crip Alliance. They wear the colors brown & blue.

What do you have to learn to be a crip?

To be apart of the Crips gang, just like any other gang, u gotta go through initiation. Initiation just proves to the Crips gang that ur down to be apart of their gang, EVERYBODY who wants to join the Crips has to go through it, the only acception is if i u have family or friends in the gang, then u can get blessed into the gang without having to go through it.

What other races are in the Crips?

The Crips primarily consist of African American members. However, over the years, the Crips have become more inclusive and diverse, with members from various races and ethnicities. Today, you can find individuals from different racial backgrounds within the Crips, but the majority of members are still African American.

How do you join crips?

walk up and spit in the face of the head leader of the gang and he will show you dominant respect

Was there crips and blood gangs in new york in the 80?

Real Bloods & Crips started in California not New York, although real Bloods and Crips have spread throught the states(accept for iLLiNOiS cause if they were they would sooner or later have to join up with Folk or People Nation & they wanna remain independent). Even though Bloods and Crips started in California u don't have to be just from Cali to be a real Blood or Crip but u do have to have a Cali connect cause that's their Motherland. *Real Bloods don't claim the 5 and are not under the People Nation * Real Crips don't claim the 6 and are not under the Folk Nation SIDE NOTE:Yes there were real Bloods and Crips in New York in the 80's who were connected directly to the Motherland(California) but not as many as it is now.

Does the Asian boyz gang have Indians?

By race Indians are classified as Asians, therefore yes there are Indians in the Asian Boyz Crips gang.The continent of Asia has 40+ countries, not just China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos Korea and Cambodia.The Asian Boyz Crips allows any race to join, it is not exclusive to only Asians.SIDE NOTES:Don't join a gang.