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The US Constitution advance the principles of the Revolution. Many of the principles for which the Revolution was initiated were listed in the Constitution.

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Q: Did the constitution advance or set back the principles of the Revolution?
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The two party system in America goes back to?

EitHer revolution, ratification of the constitution, civil war, or great depression.

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a document that outlines fundamental laws and principles of law; it describes the nature, functions, and limits of government.Do you mean constitution? or maybe the Constitution (U.S. document and basis of governance)?"Constitution" means how something is constituted--what it's made of, or how it's made. You can speak of the constitution of a substance. You can even see substances that are "reconstituted"--like Orange Juice that has been "reconstituted" from concentrate, meaning that water has been taken out and then put back in again (making it cheaper to transport).The U.S. Constitution describes how the United States is made or constituted by setting down the basic laws that are the foundation of our country.

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