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They wanted a bicameral

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Q: Did the federalists want a bicameral representation or unicameral representation?
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What did the the anti- federalists want?

The Anti Federalists did not want a strong central government.

What was something the anti-federalists did not want?

The Anti Federalists did not want a strong central government.

What kind of central government did the federalist want?


What was the main argument between federalists and anti-federalists?

Federalists wanted to urge the Constitution to be in action, but the Anti-Federalists didn't want the Constitution to be in commencement. They were against it.

Did the federalists want to ratify the articles of confederation?

Yes, the Anti-Federalists were obviously against it, though.

Why did the founders want a bicameral legislature?

In the Constitutional Convention there was a dispute between the New Jersey Plan (equal representation despite population) and Virginia Plan (representation based on population). In response, Sherman and Johnson created the Connecticut Compromise (or Great Compromise) in which there would be a Senate (2 reps per state) and a House of Representatives (representatives based on population).

Who did the Anti-Federalists want to protect?

states' rights

What the anti-federalists don't want?

They did not want a strong and dominant federal government.

What model did the federalists want to use for the country?

A National Bank.

What were people who want a strong national government called?

Democrats usually favor a stronger centralized government. TOTALITARIANISM(Hitler)

Were the anti federalists in favor of ratifying the constitution?

no, the federalist were in favor of the constitution being ratified, that's why they are called the ANTI- federalists. they did not want it to be ratified

What is the name of the group not in favor of ratifying the constitution?

Anti-Federalists. may not spell it right. sorry...bryanah