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no they didn't have salt

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Q: Did the native Americans preserve their food with salt?
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Where did Native Americans get salt to preserve food?

They would put salt water in buckets and lay them under the sun the water would evaporate.

Why did spices continue to be an important item even after the discovery of the Americans?

Refrigeration had not yet been invented, so the only way to preserve meat was to salt it. Adding spices helped to hide the salty taste. The spices also concealed the taste of meat that had gone bad.

Facts about native Americans?

There are many interresting facts about native Americans before a hunt the would have a traditional ceremony that involved dancing traditional food and many other things. in the Cree clan there would be a very tasty moose stew ingredients are 1 kilogram of moose (beef) in cubes 29 millilitres salt 1.5 liters of water 5 carrots sliced fine, or cubed 1 bundle of celary 500 millilitresof tomatoes 2 medium potatoes,cubed 2.5 milliltres savory 1 bay leaf one large onion salt and pepper cooking oil and that is all once you have made it enjoy! Tools would be made out of wood or bone. if they had made it out of bone it would of probly been out of a buffalo bone. The first nations never wasted any part of what they hunted. If they had hunted a buffalo hey would use every part of it. While the men hunted women and children stayed at home and made clothes , food, and some traps.

What had to been the hardest problem faced by the colonists at Jamestown?

the environment because they had bad water, they were in a drought, and they couldn't grow any good food and they got salt water poisoning another problem they faced was that the people brought over didn't have the required skill sets to survive the harsh conditions and the last bad reason why so many died was because of the unfriendly native Americans, yes they did help but some colonists went and did something to the NA and hats why they attacked Jamestown

Where did colonists get their food?

{| |- | The preservation of food was always a challenge. The primary ways were to dry out the item, so that there was no moisture to allow it to rot. This was done by smoking the meat, or wrapping it up in salt. Fish, beef and other meets would be stored in barrels of salt. |}