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Updated: 8/22/2023
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Crips are a street gang that started in Los Angeles,Cali in the 1960's. Their founders are Raymond Washington & Stanley ''Tookie'' Williams. Crips wear a navy blue bandana on the back side of their left pocket. One reason they wear the color blue is cause a lot of their original members went to Washington High School in South,LA and one of their school colors is blue, also one of the original members who's nickname was ''buddha'' used to wear a navy blue bandana on the back side of his left pocket so when he died they carried on the trait. The color blue for crips stands for:B.L.U.E.=Blood Killing, Loc Loving, United Crips Getting Stronger, Everyday. Loc is a term that crips use for one another which stands for:L.O.C.=Love Of Crips. Crips main rivals are the bloods street gang. Contrary to popular belief crips are not apart of the folk nation which is an alliance that has a bunch of gangs under it that started in Chicago, IL.

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what set are u from.lemme c u stacc..i only know those 2

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Q: Do you answer crip questions
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Is tyga a crip or a blood?

tyga is a crip.

Is Eric a crip?

Yes Eric is a Crip...or was a Crip....he got shot by the Bloods.

Is ludacris a blood or crip?

i think hes crip

Is suga free a blood or a crip?

357 pamona crip gang

Are there any crip signs?

Every Crip set has their own Crip hand sign, but they all throw up the letter ''C'' with their hand to show affiliation with the Crip Alliance. *ALL Crip gangs belong to the CRIP ALLIANCE!

What is a Five Deuce Hoover Crip?

5 Deuce Hoover Gangster Crip is a Crip set in the Crip Alliance under the Gangster Crip set. They are not the same as the Hoover Criminals gang.

Is afroman a blood or crip?

he's a crip

Was c murder a crip or blood?

A Crip

Is Mistah F.A.B. a blood or a crip?


Is t-pain a crip or blood?

Crip all the way /cripsπŸ’―

Was Eazy E a blood or a crip?

CRIP he was always wearin blue and has a hat saying compton on it he was a kelly park compton crip YEA CRIP FO LYF MA NI66A! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- yeh easy-E was a crip

What is crip knowldge?

crips don't have knowledge they have history (any body that says that they have knowledge their supposed to get slapped by the nearest crip) and what the so called "knowledge" is, is a series of questions to make sure someone is realy a crip. in the early 90s leaders of the crips met with leaders of the folks in kansas to discuss a truce. the truce became known as the 8ball and because the crips and folks were now allied some crips (mainly mid-west and east coast) got confused as to what the alliance meant started talking folks knowledge and twisting it to fit a crip mindset which turn into crip knowledge...the 8ball broke in 95 and as such those who were stupid enough to follow crip knowledge should of abandonded it years ago