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HELL YEAH WE DO.... WE HAVE CONGRESS! Has two houses and helps to make laws in our society

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Q: Do you have anything comparable to the English parliament in your country?
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Did Parliament have a geographical advantage in the English Civil War?

Well.. Parliament had control of the South-East of England, which was the richest part of the country... hope that helps!

Who was the shortest monarch in English history and was beheaded for refusing to allow parliament to rule the country?

Charles 1st

Is there anything unique about Canada?

Yes, it is a bilingual country (French and English).

Where is england's Parliament?

* The United Kingdom has a parliament, which legislates for the country as a whole. (But see below). * Scotland has its own parliament, which legislates for many matters, but not for matters affecting the UK as a whole. (Its tax raising powers are very restricted). * Wales has an Assembly, which has rather more limited powers than the Scottish parliament. * Northern Ireland has a provincial assembly with powers broadly comparable to the Welsh Assembly. * England (in the proper sense) has no parliament. However, the UK parliament can legislate for England.

In 1660 the English people were tired of military dictatorship and a newly-elected Parliament invited what heir to the English throne to return to the country from exile in France?

It was Charles II

Was the English Civil War inevitable?

He married a Catholic lady - the country was Protestant at the time.Archbishop Laud, one of Charles' ministers, made a reformation to the church - he was making it more catholic, but the country did not like this.He gave the Scottish the English prayer book - they said that they didn't want anything to do with England.Charles I was not friends with Parliament - he had dissolved them a number of times.Charles was making laws without Parliament's permission.He promised to pay the Scottish - but had no money.He made the people of the country pay ship money (a tax). At first, they thought they were paying this to help keep the country safe, but then they realized it was all for Charles. The people protested.The civil war was inevitable at this stage, because the Scottish and English people did not like him. Also, he had no money to form armies to fight. Parliament had the money, but they were not on his side.Hope this helps!!! :)

Who caused the English Civil War?

Monarchy's status declining. King James and Parliament clashed because Parliament had one advantage, more money than James. James re-called Parliament to discuss his son's marriage to princess of Spain, and Spain wasn't seen as a friendly country at the time. The English Civil War occurred because Charles II disbanded Parliament.

Which day of the week the parliament completes its tasks?

The parliament in which country?

The english civil war was a fight over?

The English Civil War was fought over two different ways of ruling the country. Monarchy - the King Sort of democracy - Parliament

What English monarch felt that a single person with power was not necessarily the best thing for a country and willingly shared duties and powers with Parliament?

Elizabeth I

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