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No. The official Alabama Voter Registration form has no declaration of party affiliation.

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Q: Do you have to declare your party affiliation when you register to vote in Alabama or when you are voting?
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Must a voter declare a party affiliation before election day in Georgia?

Party affiliation is not required at registration. However, on Election Day, Georgia voters must declare an oath of intent to affiliate with the particular party for whom they are voting on Election Day.

What do the Voting patterns of members of congress correlate with?

their political party affiliation

Is it true that Alabama was the first state to recognize Israel?

Yes. The United States was the first government to declare Israel as a sovereign nation. Alabama fell first in the voting order among the states to recognize Israel's sovereignty.

Who is Alabama voting for?

I believe Romney is supported by Alabama.

How do you make a sentence using the word register?

Don't forget to register for voting!

What is the difference between voting straight ticket a split ticket or being an independent voter?

Voting a "straight ticket" in an election refers to voting for all of the candidates for a particular party, whereas a "split ticket" refers to when a voters chooses one candidate from one party and in another offices, votes for a candidate from another party. An independent voter is someone who did not declare party affiliation when registering to vote.

What did voting rights act of 1965 enable federal officials to do?

They could investigate complaints of voting discrimination and to register qualified voters.

Can you register to vote if you have a warrant for an old ticket?

Yes, you can register. Each state has felon voting laws that may restrict people convicted of and/or incarcerated for a felony from registering or voting. For more information, see Related Links.

How does a felon in Alabama get his voting rights and gun rights back?

Get a lawyer. Get a lawyer. Get a lawyer.

What measurement gives the most accurate number of population in an area?

The electoral roll (or voting register).

What are the manners of voting?

Keep your place in line. Don't pry into whom others are voting for, register as requested, keep control of your children if you HAVE to take them with you, and leave in an orderly fashion.

Who was alabama's closest Heisman Trophy winner?

David Palmer, who in 1993 finished 3rd in the voting.