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people do remember when Hawaii was a state especially if you are a history teacher

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people do remember when Hawaii was a state especially if you are a history teacher

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Q: Do you think many people living today remembered when Hawaii became a state?
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What describes the changing attitudes of people living in developing suburbs?

In reference to the Roaring 20s, one changing attitude of people living in developing suburbs was that they became more politically conservative. They also became more politically active in general.

What led to the annexation of Hawaii by the US?

America annexed Hawaii for military and economic reasons. The sugar industry was large in Hawaii. The military wanted a base in the Pacific region.

Why did the Hawaii and the Alaska flag became the last us flags?

Hawaii and Alaska were the last to states because they are the farthest to the left of the USA and people were still discovering land. Their flags were the last because they made the flags when the sates were discovered.

Which American state was the last to acquire state status?

Hawaii was the last state to gain state status in the United States of America. Hawaii became a state on August 21, 1959. In June 1947, the bill for Hawaiian statehood passed 196 to 133 in the United States Congress. On November 7, 1950, the Hawaiian State Constitution was overwhelmingly approved by the Hawaiian people. Hawaii's economy flourished until the 1990's.

How did suburban living change American society?

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What does people in Hawaii do for a living?


Explain how Hawaii changed from a Polynesian society to a multicultural society?

Hawaii used to be isolated from other cultures and was exclusively Polynesian. As people's ability to travel increased, people from many different areas, such as the US and Japan, moved to Hawaii. The newcomers had a strong influence on the local culture, and eventually Hawaii became more multicultural.

Was Hawaii ever attached to US?

No. Hawaii has had people living there at least since the 11th Century (probably several centuries before that).Hawaii has been a kingdom, then a republic. In 1898 it became a Territory of the U. S., and in 1959 gained statehood.

When was Hawaii born?

Hawaii was born on August 21, 1959, when it became the 50th state of the United States.

Why do people leave or move into Hawaii?

Leaving is typically due to job market and cost of living. People coming to Hawaii is usually for the atmosphere.

When did people first come to Hawaii and why?

Hawaii was a volcano once it erupted it became an island the volcano is still there and it was a beautiful island so people liked it and came to visit or to live you have to fly to get to Hawaii.

When did people call kalakaua the merrie monarch?

when he became king ruling Hawaii

In addition to Iceland and Hawaii what else on earth do you think people courage geothermal energy What if HDR became economical?

In addition to Iceland and Hawaii what else on earth do you think people courage geothermal energy What if HDR became economical?

What was a quest that Achilles went on?

To become the greatest of heroes, and so be remembered forever, living on in people's memories.

Why do people celebrate Hawaiian Day?

It is fun and we are glad Hawaii finally became a state.

When was the first sign of people living in Hawaii?

Captain James Cook's 1778 voyage.

What percentage of people living in urban areas of Hawaii?

50% lives outside the city.