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Yes, It is now just known as welfare Yes, It is now just known as welfare

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Q: Does the Federal emergency Relief Administration still exist today?
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Does FERA still exist today?

FERA stands for Federal Emergency Relief Administration, and it was another program that was part of Roosevelt's New Deal during the Great Depression in the US. It was established as a result of the Federal Emergency Relief Act of 1933. FERA does not exist today because it was terminated in 1935, and its work was taken over by the WPA (Works Progress Administration) and the Social Security Board.

Does the federal housing administration still exist today?

no it does not

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Does the Works Progress Administration still exist?

No, it does not exist anymore

Does the Emergency Banking Act still exist today?

The Emergency Banking Act no longer exists, however elements of the act were included in the 1933 Banking Act. It's also one of the things that ultimately led to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Does the resettlement Administration still exist?


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Why are federal felons bared from getting gun right back?

ALL felons are barred from getting their gun rights back - it's just possible for a non-federal felon to obtain relief of disability. A similar mechanism for relief of disability does exist in the federal system - however, it receives absolutely zero funding, which is what makes it impossible for a federal felon. Don't expect any lobbying to be done for it, either - the prospect of funding a mechanism which allows a federal felon to again possess firearms is going to meet some very stiff opposition, both from pro- and anti-gun lobbies, not to mention the remainder of the general public.