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Lincoln got elected over Douglas.

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Q: Election of 1860
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What election of 1860 was Lincoln unknown throughout the country before the?

election of 1860

When was election of 1860?

in 1860

Who was Stephen A Douglas?

Lincoln's opponent in the 1860 election

What was the date of the 1860 election?

Tuesday, November 6, 1860

What month was the election in 1860?

November 6, 1860

When was the election of Abraham Lincoln?

November 1860

How is the 2008 Election like the 1860 Election?

they were not a like at all

What was the 1860 presidential election about?

The election of 1860 included the following candidates: Abraham Lincoln John Bell John Breckenrige Stephen Douglas The election of 1860 was mostly over the controversial issue of slavery. Abraham Lincoln won a bitter election

What was the exact day date for the 1860 election?

November 6, 1860

Who won in 1860 for president?

This was the election which set stage for the American Civil War. Abraham Lincoln was the president-elect from the 1860 election.

Was the election of 1860 in Chicago's wigwam?

The 1860 election was held in the same place all US National Elections are America.

What was the effect of the election of 1860?