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The Northwest Ordinance is also known as the Freedom Ordinance of 1787. It was an act of the Congress of the Confederation of the United States, which prohibited slavery in the Old Northwest.

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Q: Farsighted provision of Northwest Ordinance 1787 prohibited what?
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Was a provision of The northwest ordinance of 1787?

Territories had a governor, a secretary, and three judges. (NOVAnet)

What of the following was a provision of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787?

Territories had a govern, a secretary, and three judges :)

What were accomplishments of the Northwest Ordinance?

The three main achievements of the Northwest Ordinance were accelerating the westward expansion of the United States, advancement of education, and the maintenance of civil liberties. The ordinance also prohibited slavery in the newly settled territory.

What provision of the northwest ordinance do you believe will become a source of conflict for Arkansas?

look it up duh if that doesn't work check here again

The Northwest Ordinance outlined a plan for the future of the Northwest Territory. Which provision was not part of that plan?

Each new state created from the territory could determine its own level of religious freedom.

What was a provision of the land ordinance of 1785?

subdividing and selling land in the north west territory

What was the most far-reaching provision of the northwest ordinance?

It was the most comprehensive law that was approved. It related to the admission of new states and the boundaries into the Union. The United States expanded west not by conquering but by welcoming states newly into the republican government. It was a far - reaching policy regarding incorporation of lands from the west.

What were the provision of the jay treaty with Great Britain in 1794?

Great Britain agreed to withdraw troops from the Northwest Territory.Great Britain agreed to withdraw troops from the Northwest Territory.

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