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According to the US Constitution itself, the United States Supreme Court is the final interpreter of the Constitution. The Court's decisions are final and are seldom changed.

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Q: Final interpreters of the constitution
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How might the farmers of the constitution have helped to ensure that more citizens had a voice in government?

Framers of the Constitution did the best they could, It is the modern day interpreters of the Constitution that precipitate questions and concerns like this. kapm

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Do you mean "how MANY words were in the final constitution"?

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When was the constitution singned?

The final signatory to the US Constitution was June 21st 1788.

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What was the final section of the constitution?

The final section of the US Constitution is the Twenty-seventh Amendment. It prohibits a pay increase or decrease for Congress until the start of the next term.

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Who has the final say in the constitution's meaning?

The supreme court

Who did the final writing of the constitution?

the actual answer is Gouverneur Morris

Who wrote the final copy of the constitution?

george washington

What final state ratified the constitution?

New Hampshire