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Q: French and Arabic are the official languages of which multilingual country east of Niger?
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Where did the word mattress come from?

it come from Arabic language.

What does the name sahar mean in US?

Sahar is an Arabic name which means early in the morning.

Where does the word cotton originate from?

it derives from the Arabic language and came into wider useage in the 14th Century

What does the name Ushna mean?

this name origin Arabic Muslim name means fragrance and also some where means beautiful girl

What is the origin of the name Barack?

Barack Obama's first name is the anglicized version of Baraka, which means 'blessing' in Kiswahili (aka Swahili), a language spoken by Senator Obama's Kenyan father.The word "Barack" is shared among several languages. First, it is a word in the ( Semitic family of languages. As such it mistakenly has been thought to have the root in Hebrew written as baruch, but since the word Barak in Hebrew exists independently, pronounced as Barak with no twisting of sounds, it is the true word from which any meaning should be taken. A version in Aramaic (berek), a version in Arabic (baraka). (See Strong's Hebrew Bible Dictionary, entries 1288-1294.) It also occurs as a loan word in non-Semitic languages that have been influenced by these Semitic languages, such as Kiswahili (the most widely spoken African language). As often happens, cognate words are similar in pronunciation. What appears in a later-appearing language may sound like something else in the earlier language. And in English we sometimes see words that are pronounced the same and even spelled the same, but that have very different meanings.Baraka means 'blessing' in Kiswahili and comes from the Arabic spoken by the Omani Arabs that lived and traded along the coast of East Africa. Though it came to Kiswahili from Arabic it no longer has any sectarian connotations and is in common use amongst East Africans of all faiths. It is a common name for boys in Kenya and Tanzania.Barack or Barak means 'lightning' in Hebrew. The name Barak is also mentioned in the Bible in the book of Judges. Barak was part of the story of the prophetess Deborah.Baruch (or Baruwk, Baruk, Strong, 1263) and its cognates berek and baraka all mean the same. Strong, 1288, says "barak, baw-rak', a primitive root; to kneel; by implication to bless God (as an act of adoration), and (vice-versa) man (as a benefit)." (See of how one spells the name, it gives two possible and not contradictory meanings, and one true meaning. One is "a blessing from God," and another is "a blessing from God that the individual may pass on to others as a benefit to them." and the true meaning that cannot be translated any other way is the name Barak which means Lightning.

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What is the official language ofAlgeria?

The official language of Algeria is Arabic. It is used in government, administration, education, media, and other official settings. However, Algeria is a multilingual country and Berber languages are also recognized as national languages.

French and Arabic are the official languages of which multi- lilngual country east of Niger?


When did UN add Arabic as an official language?

Arabic was added as an official languages in 1974.

What are the three official languages of the world?

The world as a whole does not have any official language. Each country and many international organizations do have official languages. Even the United Nations does not have only three official languages. The official languages of the UN are Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish.

What is the official of Iraq?

Arabic and Kurdish are the official languages of Iraq.

What are the official languages in North Africa?


What is the official launguauge of Iraq?

Arabic and Kurdish are the official languages of Iraq.

What languages are spoken in Djibouti?

Arabic and French are the official languages, Afar and Somali are also widely spoken.French and Arabic are the official languages. Somaili and Afar are also spoken.French and Arabic are the official languages, but Somali and Afar are the most widely spoken.French, Arabic, Somali, and Afar

What are the official languages of the united nations?

There are six official languages:ArabicChineseEnglishFrenchRussianSpanishEnglish and French are used by the Secretariat.

What is egypts main language?

Arabic is the official language of Egypt and the most widely spoken language in the country.

Official languages spoken by the United Nations?

The official languages of the United Nations are Arabic, French, English, Chinese, Russian, and Spanish.

What romance language has the staus of official languages in the un?

English, French, Arabic, Russian, Spanish & Chinese are the official languages in the UN.