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Intellectual? As in book smart? Or wisdom and experience?

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Q: Great awakening is to spiritual as --- is to intellectual?
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What role did Jonathan Edwards and george whitefield play during the great awakening?

Both were prominent preachers at the time of the Great Awakening. Edward's congregation had had a spiritual awakening in the mid 1730's but the Great Awakening really began when the great British Evangelist George Whitefield arrived in Georgia in 1738.

What are the similarities and differences between the Great Awakening Movement and the Enlightenment Movement?

Both the Great Awakening and the Enlightenment were intellectual and spiritual movements in 18th century America. The Great Awakening focused on emotional, revivalist religious experiences and encouraged individual connection with God, while the Enlightenment promoted reason, science, and rational thinking as means to understanding the world. While both movements sought to challenge traditional authority and encourage personal empowerment, they differed in their approach to knowledge and the role of religion in society.

The Great Awakening encouraged people to?

Form their own ideas about their relationship to God.

What hepled develop the American identity by encouraging a belief in spiritual equality?

Great Awakening Helped develop American identity by encouraging a belief in spiritual equality.

What did the great awakening emphasize?

The Great Awakening emphasized the importance of personal religious experience, spiritual awakening, and individual piety. It challenged traditional societal norms and sought to revitalize religious faith and commitment through emotional and expressive forms of worship.

What are the qualities of a great literature?

Qualities of Great Literature: Artistry,Intellectual values,subjectiveness,permanence,style,spiritual value,universality

What was the great awakeing?

a graet awaking is a person who delivers messages

How are the enlightenment and great awakening similar?

Enlightenment and the great awakening, both are the same. When you awaken, you are enlightened, and when you are enlightened you are awakened. Who awakens? What awakens? The truth inside you. What is enlightenment? Overcoming the darkness that is within and throwing light on who we truly are, the Divine Soul, the Spirit, the Atman. Therefore, enlightenment and the great awakening are two different terms, but they mean one and the same thing.

Other words for awakening?

Revival. The word enlightenment is used in relation to the awakening of spiritual consciousness.

What awakened during the Great Awakening?

During the Great Awakening in 18th century America, there was a surge in religious fervor and revivalism. People experienced a spiritual awakening and it led to renewed interest in religion, church attendance, and personal piety. This movement also gave rise to new religious denominations and sparked social and political changes.

How did the Second Great Awakening lead to reform movements?

The Second Great Awakening emphasized personal salvation and spiritual renewal, which motivated individuals to address social issues, such as slavery and alcohol consumption. This spiritual fervor cultivated a desire for social reform and inspired movements such as abolitionism, women's rights, and temperance. The religious revival of the Second Great Awakening sparked a wave of humanitarian efforts and social activism across the United States.

How was the Enlightenment similar to the Great Awakening?

Both the Enlightenment and the Great Awakening were movements in colonial America during the 18th century that emphasized individualism and personal responsibility. However, the Enlightenment focused on reason, science, and intellectualism, while the Great Awakening emphasized emotional religious experiences and spiritual renewal.