Happening during day or daily

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Happening during day or daily
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What is a synonym for the phrase happening each day?

Happening each day: daily.

What word means happening during the day?


How do you use diurnal in a sentence?

Diurnal is an adjective describing something occurring daily, normally happening in the daytime, or awake and active during the day. Example sentence:Few desert creatures are strictly diurnal and even those who hunt during the day take frequent rest periods out of the direct sun.

What is the opposite of noctural?

The opposite is diurnal `happening by day, coming out during the day, occurring every day'. Animals which come out at twilight are called crepuscular.

Why do plants more sugar in them during daytime than at nighttime?

it is about the photosynthesis. It is happening only in the day time.

What is the term for this December happening creating your shortest day?

It is called a winter solstice. This happens during December 21 wherein the day is shortest.

How often does the '' changing of the guard''?

During the summer - it's a daily occurrence - at 11:30 am. During winter, it's every other day - at the same time.

What prevents obesity from happening?

Monitor weight gain from daily activities here to prevent obesity from happening.

What was the day that the beaches were stormed by the allies during d day?

Tuesday June 6th 1944. Bad weather prevented the landings happening on the Monday.

How long have has remembrance day been happening for?

remembrance day has been happening since 1946

What Does diurnal mean?

* of or belonging to or active during the day; "diurnal animals are active during the day"; "diurnal flowers are open during the day and closed at ... * having a daily cycle or occurring every day; "diurnal rotation of the heavens" * A flower that opens only in the day; A book containing canonical offices but not matins; A diary or journal; A daily news publication; Occurring daily; Primarily active during the day; Open during daylight hours, closed at night; Repeated or recurring daily. ... * Performed in twenty-four hours, such as the diurnal rotation of the Earth. * Active by day-, as opposed to nocturnal. * Occurring in the daytime. A patient may have a diurnal fever rather than a nocturnal one. Diurnal also can refer to recurring every day. ... * Daily; related to actions which are completed in the course of a calendar day, and which typically recur every calendar day (eg, diurnal ... * Most active during the daytime rather than at night. * active by day. * during the daytime. The diurnal resting places of mosquitoes, especially newly-fed females, may be important in malaria control * Organisms that are active during daylight hours. * Pertaining to the day time. Used in referring to the 'sect' of a chart: ie either diurnal or nocturnal. If someone is born during the day time when the Sun is above the horizon then they have a diurnal chart. If they are born at night then they have a nocturnal chart. * day or daytime; daily or daily cycles; as opposed to nocturnal. * The term diurnal refers to a tide which has a period or cycle of approximately one tidal day (about 25 hours). Diurnal tides usually have one high and one low tide each day. The tides at Karumba are a typical example of diurnal tides. * literally "of the day", but here meaning having a period or a "tidal day", ie about 24.8 hours See also: semi-diurnal * referring to daily phenomena. * of flowers, opening only during daylight hours. * Recurring daily. Diurnal processes on Earth repeat themselves every 24 hours but on the Moon repeat every 28 Earth days. The length of a lunar day is 28 Earth days. * A reference to a period of one day. * relating to or occurring in a 24-hour period; daily * Daily, usually applied to events or cycles that repeat on daily intervals. * Used to describe birds that are active during the day. Most birds are diurnal. * Pertaining to the daylight portion of the 24-hour day.

How many peoope visit nypl a day?

The New York Public Library (NYPL) receives about 10,000 visitors daily across its various branches. The number can fluctuate depending on the day of the week and events happening at the library.