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Yes, the state at least gets them every year. There has been at least one tornado in the Bronx.

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Q: Has there ever been a tornado in new york?
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Is it possible for an EF5 tornado to hit New york?

It is possible but quite unlikely. No F5 or EF5 tornado has ever been recorded in the State of New York, but there have been a few F4 tornadoes. One tornado in Massachusetts in 1953 was possibly an F5.

Is there a tornado coming to new york?

There already have been several.

When did we have a tornado in New York?

New York state generally gets a few tornadoes every year. The last reported tornado in New York was on September 2, 2014. The last tornado in New York City was on September 8, 2012.

What would happen if a tornado came to New York?

Tornadoes have occurred in New York, both the city and the state. Most have been weak. These tornadoes have brought down trees and damaged homes and buildings, occasionally destroying them. Some have resulted in deaths and injuries. No single tornado in the state of New York has killed more than four people. Only one person in New York City has been killed by a tornado.

Has Schenectady ever been the capital of New York?


Did Rochester ever have a tornado?

In 1883, a massive F5 tornado hit Rochester, Minnesota on August 21, 1883. The largest tornado in the Rochester, New York area was an F1 in 1980 that caused no injuries or deaths.

Is there going to be a tornado in New York?

Eventually, yes. New York, both the state and the city, get tornadoes. However, there is no way of known when these tornado will happen.

Has there ever been a snow less winter in New York?


Was there ever been a tornado in New Hampshire?

There might be a tornado. Natural disasters happen everywhere.

Is or was New York ever part of New England?

New York has always been part of New England. It is named from Yorkshire, England.

When and where was the last tornado that happened?

new york it was cool

Which state is most likely to have a tornado New York or Oklahoma?

Oklahoma is more likely to have a tornado. Although New York does get tornadoes Oklahoma has them far more frequently.