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A, Georgia.

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Q: Having a colony south of the Carolinas that would serve as a buffer was a reason for the founding of?
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What colony Attracted settlers from other Colonies and the West Indies is it Georgia or the Carolinas?

it was the carolinas

Which colony was the buffer colony?


Where was south carolinas colony located?

in the southern

What colony was designed as a hereditary nobility?

The Carolinas. This system was feudal.

What colony supported sugar plantations in the West Indies.?

The Carolinas

Colony with a slave majority?

carolinas, specifically South Carolina

What colony was established as a buffer to Spanish controlled colonies in the south?

In British North America at the time of the American Revolution the "buffer colony" was Georgia. The colony was founded for the specific reason of protecting the British colonies north of the Savanah river from Spanish Migration and Invasion from that nations settlements in Florida. It was also a buffer against slaves escaping from the large and prosperous rice plantations in the South Carolina Low Country to freedom under the domain of Spain. In order to facilitate the growth of the colony thousands of persons were freed from Debtors Prisons in England to populate this colony.

Undesirable people who moved to the Georgia colony from Virginia and the carolinas?


How many years passed between the founding of Jamestown and the founding of Massachusetts Bay Colony Bay Colony?

7 years

What were the reasons for the founding of Georgia?

It was created by the English government as a buffer state between the Chesapeake colonies and the Spanish and French owned lands (for example, Florida) to the south and west. Also, Georgia's founder, James Oglethorpe, founded the colony as a sanctuary for debtors who had been imprisoned.

What reason Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations established?

It was established as a buffer colony.

Which colony did ben Franklin live in as a founding father?

Founding Fathers 56