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Q: How did the attitudes of westerners toward politics differ from that of easterners?
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How did the attitudes of westerners toward politics differ that of easterners?

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How and why did values and attitudes of Spartan culture differ from the values and attitudes of Athenians?

I don't know you answer it.

How did northern and southern attitudes differ?

They chucked it Down to the slavery comprimise.

What group whose political attitudes differ from the mainstream is called a?


'why is it so difficult to define politics how would a Canadian definition of politics differ from an American one desing your own definition of politics based on five values you beliveve are essentia?

The definition would be the same but the politics themselfs would differ

How did the attitudes of renaissance thinkers differ from those of medieval scholars?

Human experience in the present was explored.

How did attitudes about slavery differ in the north and the south?

the north opposed slavery, while the south was all for it

How do How does political science differ from natural science and physical science?

Political science is the science of politics as in how they work and how we as humans react to politics.

How did attitudes towards imperialism differ between the people who were founding colonies and those whose countries were colonized?


What are christians attitudes to the use of animals in medical research?

As a religion we dislike the use of animals. But individual views differ.

How Rikki's and nags attitudes towards teddy's family differ?

rikki loves and respects teddy and his family, nag doesnt

How did Mark Twain and Albert j. Beveridge differ in attitudes toward imperialism?

Beveridge was for Imperialism, while Twain was against imperialism.

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