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It has been suggested that their culture contributed to political thinking during the development of the United States government

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Q: How has American culture impacted the notion of gender roles in other cultures around the world?
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How did Native American culture reflect the resources available to these groups?

Native American culture developed around the resources available to them. For instance, plains culture was nomadic, as they followed the buffalo herds. Pueblo culture was stationary due to the ability to engage in agriculture.

What were two symbols of American culture in the 1920s?

During the 1920s, new technologies helped create mass culture,and to connect people around the world. The two symbols were Jazz and the liberated woman called Flapper.

Which mass media innovations most encouraged the diffusion of American popular culture during the 1920's?

American fast food restaurants opening in many countries around the world. Good luck

How did the domestication of corn change Native American cultures?

The domestication of corn changed the Native American cultures by making them settle in their regions. The ones who were not growing corn were forced to start working on their farms so as to get it on their land.

When did the Europeans invade native America?

In 1492, Christopher Columbus set upon his journey to the Far East, but ended up reaching a "new and untamed" land. His first and previous journey set into motion a chain of other explorers and journeys. This period, rightly named The Age of Discovery, brought about riches to the European countries that exploited the new world, but also had a huge impact on the Native American cultures of this time. Such factors as disease, loss of territory, and loss of culture, destroyed whole culture and nearly ruined others.

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How does media affect culture?

Media facilitates a culture's transmission to other cultures and vice versa. i.e. Every culture is influenced by other cultures around them, but with medias like internet, cultures are influenced by all the other cultures of the world.

What are the most popular cultures around the world?

Popular culture is everywhere!!!!!!!!

What are cultural holidays?

Where you travel out of your culture and experience other cultures around the world

Why don't other cultures like American culture?

The truth is that there is no such thing as American culture, you might be offended by this but is true. Your culture is pretty much a mixture of other cultures. You consider McDonald's your national food, and think that baseball and American football is part of your culture. McDonald's is all over the world a national food would be something that you can only find in that specific place. True, Americans love sports and all, but the same, those sports are play all around the world there's not one game that is completely American. I could continue on but to conclude this there is not one thing that can represent America, besides the flag, and you treat your flag like dirt, putting it in underwear and shoes. Other cultures simply dislike the lack of culture in the country.

How were the Kiowa marginalized?

Their culture was replaced by the larger American culture around them

How has television effected the evolution of the world's cultures?

It has changed the world's culture by sharing other beliefs around the world and also showing what other kinds of culture there are. Have you ever seen traveling shows? Well that is how different cultures are shared around the world.

How did legends and folktales help build cultures and religions around the world?

it is what help culture last

What are the cultures that live around Erta Ale?

the ethiopian culture lives aroung erta ale

What does Shared Culture mean?

shared culture is when you share different cultures from around the world teach you different things. eg.if you eat Chinese food then the Chinese are sharing there culture eg.if i come from Italy and you are France then i am sharing my culture with you from around the world. thanks!

How has popular culture influenced countries around the world?

Popular culture has influenced cultures around the world because for example, we drink the same soft drinks that people in other countries drink.

How do you think American culture has been able to influence people around the world?

I think that American culture influences people around the world by showing them that you can have more than one culture in your community

Why might culture seem different now than it was years past?

Cultures change in response to changes around them.