How an artificial leg works?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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An artificial leg works by sending signal to the sensor which senses the movement of the artificial leg.

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Q: How an artificial leg works?
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When was the artificial leg invented?

the artificial leg was invented in 1909 a whale bone

What is the carpenters attitude toward completing the artificial leg?

The carpenter had an aversion to working on the artificial leg.

Does Sally fields have an artificial leg?


Does Kevin Jonas have an artificial leg?

No He Doesn't.

When did Terry Fox get his artificial leg?

in 1977

Does William Gaminara have an artificial leg?

No he doesn't.

Does Erik Stolhanske have an artificial leg?


How he invented ambrose pare the first artificial leg?

leg was invented by the whole bone

What was Ahabs artificial leg made of?

Ahab's artificial leg was made of whale bone. It was a whale ivory prosthesis that he had specially crafted for him after losing his leg in a whaling accident.

How he invented the first artificial leg of Ambrose Pare?


How does a artificial leg stay on?

Super glue and duct tape

Is a artificial leg prosthesis an example of science or technology?