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In the simplest of terms Native American's were practicing a Socialist Republic and Americans practice a Capitalistic Democracy - these are polar opposite political positions.

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Q: How and why did the economic and social values of white Americans clash with those of Native Americans?
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In what ways were West African cultures in the 1400s similar to Native American cultures at that time?

how were the native American similar to the native Americana they wer edifferent because in the native American they just waitied for the king to tell them wat to do and give them everything to do oit

What are the values handed to us from colonial time?

The Puritan ethics of hard work became American values. Americans take less vacation days than European countries.

What was the goal of the American Indian youth such as carlisle school?

all of the above

Why do yo think the Americans chose or preferred Rizal over that of Bonifacio as a national hero?

The Americans chose Jose Rizal to be the national hero because the Americans wants us to follow Dr. Rizal's values they want us to be calm when there are problems and stuff, unlike Bonifacio who is like on a rampage mode everytime ;)

How did the horse affect Native Americans?

Ultimately the horse improved native American culture without fully removing any major bits.The Indians (native Americans) could hunt buffalo (Bison) faster and more efficiently and could get more carcasses back to their camps than before. this allowed for a growth in Indian bands, but that was restricted by elders trying to preserve the buffalo.The horses also gave access to improved Counting Coup, (the belief that it is braver to touch an enemy than to kill them). When two opposing Indian tribal bands were facing each other, they could do this "counting coup", and instead of killing each other and drastically affecting both tribes, the Indians could simply lightly smack an enemy and by honour they would have to give up their horse. Horses became a show of honour and respect to the Indians- having lots of horses, (especially strong horses), showed that you were a truly well weathered warrior and your simple presence demanded respect.Of course, good comes with a pinch of bad. Indians went horse rustling on the settlers coming in and that got them shot. The horses brought them settler diseases via ticks and fleas, with got them ill and then shot. Indian and Settler values were different, so when they traded, sometimes one or the other got angry and then someone would be shot.Lots of people being shot, basically.

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What values did native amercians have?

we found loads of traces to the native Americans values but we are not sure if they are really true so we are still looking them up

What impact do American values have on society?

American social, economic and political values are the driving force in US society. With that said, it can be fair to say that American values and society's values are interchangeable.

How does law reflect society's moral economic political and social values?

The laws in place are there because of the values of a country. This is why each country has different laws.

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Why did English have poor relations with the native Americans?

Then English had very poor relations with the Native Americans because of distinct cultural differences. The English were Eurocentric in that they believed their culture was superior to all others. By the time the English met the Native Americans, they were already well read, politically established, had structured military, and had successfully spread Christian values. To them, the Native Americans appeared to be savages.

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