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after the lakotan natvies got moved off of their reservations they had a small war and then they signed a treaty so that everyone could be equal

Check out the book Empire of the Summer Moon by S. C. Gwynne, 2010. "Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the Most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History." The Comanches were the ultimate plains Indians. They were central to stopping westward expansion of whites to their plains for over 40 years, it appears, and until repeating firearms were widely adopted a decade after the Civil War and the US Military finally learned how their enemies worked, Comanches were effectively unbeatable. Too often people picture the planes Indians as being father north. Comanches and their surrounding tribes appear to have been the thorniest area of conflict. The northern tribes were largely a different story.

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Because thew whites had guns and the Indians did not and because the whites brought diseases to which the Indians had no immunity (it was disease that really defeated the planes Indians).

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Q: How and why were whites able to defeat the Plains Indians?
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How were the Europeans able defeat the Indians?

they had better weapons to use

What eastern plains Indians food was?

why where eastern plains people able to farm more successfully than western plains people

Why were the eastern plains Indians able to farm their land and villages?

Rainfall on the eastern plains made it possible for american Indians such as the Pawnee And the Omaha to farm successfully

Did the Plains Indians grow corn?

Absolutely. The buffalo (or bison, as they are properly called) were the reason Plains Indians were able to exist and live like they did.

How did the plains Indians survive tornadoes?

The Plains Indians would have been very in tune with nature and the elements. They would have been able to sense a change in weather and like dug trenches to retreat to when tornadoes happened.

What effect did the dry land on the Plains Indians?

The Plains Indians were nomadic. They followed the buffalo. So when the buffalo moved the people moved. Note: The Plains have always been dry for at least part of the year - summer. The only time dry weather really effected the Plains Indians was when reservation boundaries were established. Not being able to roam as the food roamed would have made it difficult to obtain food and water.

Why were the Spanish able to defeat the native peoples of America?

The Spanish, armed with swords, horses, shields, guns, and protective gear, were able to conquer the Americas because they Indians did not have the weapons that the Spanish had. The Indians only had spears and bows and arrows.

How were the Plains Indians lives affected by the buffalo?

The Plains Indians were affected by buffalo because they ate them as their main food, they used bones for tools and toys, and they used skins for fur clothing. Virtually, the Plains Indians used all parts of their game or food

How did the introduction of Horses change the way Cheyenne Indians lived?

The effect of the introduction of horses on the Plains Indian culture was to make these people more mobile. They were able to move about more freely, and some of the Plains Indians became more warlike, attacking other tribes that had formerly been too far away.

What does the North Plains and Coastal Plains have in common?

Both the North Plains and Coastal Plains are geological landforms characterized by flat or gently sloping terrains. They both support agriculture and are influenced by rivers and water systems. Additionally, they both have fertile soils and are important regions for various economic activities.

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