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Abraham Lincoln was raised by his father who was a strict Baptist and did not believe in slavery. His views and the encounters Lincoln had with slaves themselves influenced his views on slavery.

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Q: How did Abraham Lincoln's background influence his views on slavery?
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What was Abraham lincolns decisive?

To end slavery

What was Abraham Lincolns policy towards slavery?

Since he was a young he thought of slavery as wrong doing.

What was the conflict in Abraham lincolns life?

Slavery and the secession of the Southern States

What was Abraham Lincolns position on slavery when he was elected president?

He did not think slavery should be abolished,but he did not want it to spread to new states

What was some of Abraham lincolns beliefs?

1 of his beliefs were that when he became president he would end slavery.

When the civil war began what was Abraham Lincolns main goal?

Abraham Lincolns main goal at first was to keep the states together. But later slavery was included but no by choice. It just mixed in and was part of it till the end

What were 3 events that led up to Abraham Lincolns president?

I only know 2 they were slavery ended and women could vote.

When Abraham was elected what did he think about slavery?

Abraham Lincoln believed that slavery was completely wrong. You may have heard about the American civil war, with the Lincolns Union forces from the North tried to wipe out the confederate southern states, who believed in slavery. Abraham was still racist and believed that blacks weren't even with whites. I hope this helps

What Lincolns reconstruction plan?

Lincolns plan was to abolish slavery!

Why did Georgia want to secede from the union?

Georgia wanted to secede from the Union because they believed Abraham's Lincolns election, and republican party's were strongly and aggressively anti-slavery.

What were some of Abraham Lincolns Accomplishments?

Abraham Lincoln is best known for the crucial role he played in the abolition of slavery in the United States. He also managed to keep the country unified during the Civil War.

What was Lincolns view on slavery?

Many people think he was against the idea of slavery, but really he was not. Abraham Lincoln used slavery as a leverage on trying to get the south to join the union by saying he would free the salves if they did not join back. But otherwise it was not his intentions to stop slavery.