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they didnt think about the native Indian only of their expension and the power they thought they had because of the Indians illerteracy and they took advantage of it and because of that power they drove them out. and put them in extinction.

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Q: How did Americans desire for westward expansion affect their policy towards Native Americans?
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Who suffered during the westward expansion?

The Native Americans.

What was one consequence of western expansion for native American?

The westward expansion had a negative effect on the Native Americans in that region. During the westward expansion, the Native Americans were forced to live on reservations that were deemed the worst land in the area.

Who were often displaced as a result of westward expansion?

Native Americans.

What was the the worst problem of westward expansion?

The displacement and slaughter of Native Americans.

What problem did the movement westward bring?

Native Americans were forced out of their homes during the expansion.

Explain the Native American response to westward expansion between 1790 and 1815. Why did their attempts to preserve their homelands fail?

The Native Americans attempted to preserve their homelands from westward expansion, but would not succeed because there was a lack of unity, lack of leadership, and a diminishing culture.


The Indian Removal Act forced the Native Americans to move on to reservations, while their children were taken and forced to abandon their religion, culture, and language.

What were the social impacts of westward expansion?

Westward expansion had many effects on America. Many things developed such as the Pony Express, and other new forms of transportation such as the Continental Railroad. Although those were positive, some negative effects were how the Americans moving west drived native Americans out of their tribal lands and onto reservations. the wars with native Americans killed many of them.

Why did westward expansion into the great plains lead to conflict which native Americans?

because the settlers were encroaching on the natives lands, and they wanted it back

Who was involved in the westward exspantion?

The Westward Expansion involved many people, one group in particular were were the Native Americans. They were removed from their from their home to South Dakota and Oklahoma.

What did Native Americans go thur during the Westward Expansion of America during 1856-1896?

They went Thur allot they had a lot to do to get where they need to.

How did the us army affect the Native americans in the west?

The Native Americans were considered a foreign nation to the United States and the US Army fought them in the last quarter of the 1800s in order to use their lands for westward expansion.