How did Marcus Whitman die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no one knows. He was shot in the chest like narcissa Whitman

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Q: How did Marcus Whitman die?
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How old was Narcissa Whitman when she married Marcus Whitman?

she was 28 when she married Marcus Whitman

How old was Marcus Whitman when he died?

Whitman Marcus was 45 when he died.

Who contributed to the Whitman Massacre?

Marcus and Narcissa Whitman

What was Narcissa Whitman's husband's name?

Marcus Whitman

What is the motto of Marcus Whitman Central School District?

Marcus Whitman Central School District's motto is 'Together We Can'.

What is the name of the missionary in Oregon who attempted to spread Christianity?

its either marcus whitman or william ashley idk Marcus Whitman.

What was the name of the Cayuse Indian that killed Marcus Whitman?

They thought he was allowing their children to die.

Who were Marcus and narcissa Whitman?

they were pioneers on the Oregon trail. They are responcible for the Whitman mission. But they were killed in 1847 they were killed.

Was Marcus Whitman a pioneer?


What did Marcus Whitman do?

eat ice cream

Did Marcus Whitman have any kids?


Was Dr Marcus Whitman a Pioneer?