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he invented it in his head with shet !

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Q: How did max factor invent lip gloss?
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Did Max Factor invent lip gloss?

Yes, He invented lip gloss in 1930

Where did max factor first invent lip gloss?

He did it in 1914, for movie making purposes in Poland.

The inventor of lip gloss?

Max Factor invented lip gloss in 1930.

Who discovered lip gloss?

Max Factor, a Russian immigrant, invented Lip Gloss in 1930.

How did they discover lip gloss?

Max Factor is credited with the first lip gloss, which he developed in 1930 for his work in film.

When was lip gloss first invented?

1932 max factor introduced " x factor" the first commercially availble lip gloss

What year was lip gloss first made?

Lip gloss was first made in 1930, by the cosmetics company Max Factor. The first flavored lip gloss was made in 1973 by Bonne Bell.

Who invented lip gloss and was this person a scientist?

It was launched by Max Factor, year 1932

Who was the inventer of lip gloss?

Lip gloss was created in the 1930's by Max Factor. He wanted to create a product for movies that kept the lips looking shiny and moist.

What did the first packaging of max factor lip gloss look like?

I think it was a gold with a black cap

When was lipgloss invented?

In 1932, the cosmetic house Max Factor invented the first commercially available lip gloss

Why was lip gloss gloss invented?

It was invented to make actors' lips shiny and moist-looking in movies. The man who invented it, Max Factor, was a movie makeup artist.