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fur trappers

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By trapping Beavers

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Q: How did mountain men make a living?
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Why did mountain men give up trapping furs?

Styles began to change, and fewer people used fur. Mountain men had to find new ways to make a living.

Who were mountain men and what eventually put them out of business?

Mountain Men were people who spent most of their time living in the Rocky Mountains and which later became known as mountain men. They used to hunt beavers for food and their fur. Over time, the mountain could no longer make a living by trapping because most of the beaver were killed. Many moved to Oregon and settled on farms. :) Hope it all helped!!Your Welcome

Mountain men made their living as?

fur trappers

What type of clothing does Mountain Khakis make?

Mountain Khakis makes clothing meant for outdoor and mountain living for both men and women. They sell shirts, pants, hats, dresses, skirts, belts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and more.

How did mountain men live?

Mountain men made a living by trapping and selling during the 1800s. They also spent a lot of time traveling to sell their wares.

What were three groups of people living in the west in the 1800s?

Californios, mountain men, missionaries

What three groups of people living in the West in the 1800s?

Californios, mountain men, missionaries

How do you make a living on a mountain?

Work at a ski resort!

How do people in rural Argentina make a living?

they make a living by selling themselfs even if they are men

How did mountain men and land speculators differ in the ways earned their living from the land?

they live off the land

What was the name given to trappers and traders who were known for their toughness living off the land in the West?

mountain men

Is a mountain living?

no , a mountain is non living