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Not well, the minorities weren't aloud to vote because the test to vote would be if you could read and the majority of them couldn't.

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Q: How did racial minorities and women fare during the gilded age?
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The purpose of programs is to reverse the effects of years of discrimination against racial minorities and women?

Affirmative action

Is being gay alright to human rights?

Yes, but this is challenged in many countries (as are the human rights of women, racial and religious minorities and so on).

Why did women and minorities gain during World War 2?

puberty and nothing

Why did women and minorities gain ground during ww2?

many men were in the military

What difficulties did women and minorities face in wartime work force?

The biggest difficulty minorities and women faced in the workforce during World War 2 was being thrust into unfamiliar jobs

What American authors wrote about equality of men and women during transcendentalism?

Gilded Age; social conventions

What changes for minorities and women during world war 1 and 2?

The changes for women and minorities became better or worse depending on the way you look at things. Women started smoking, drinking, working in factories and being allowed to vote, but minorities such as countryfolk were given young children to look after.

How were the civil and women's rights movement's similar?

Both women and racial minorities have been suppressed, sometimes through laws, sometimes in spite of the law. These two rights movements are attempts to overcome the past and get full rights.

Why are many women and minorities unable to advance in their organizations?

why are many women and minorities unable to advance in their organization

Why did women's fashion in the gilded age come about?

One lady wore gilded shoes and the women around liked it and men howled at her but one women called her a hoe and that started arguments

What happened during gilded age?

The Gilded Age was caused by the ending of southern Reconstruction efforts and the rapid (and mostly northern) industrial growth.

How many women and minorities are studying engineers?

Today there are many women and minorities actually studying engineering more than there is with men.